ADTREX optimization technology, unique targeting capabilities, data partners, and dedicated team will help you create most efficient advertising campaigns and monetization strategies.

Wide array of self-serve tools will deliver optimal results for advertisers and publishers of any size.

"Concierge service" is available at no extra charge

Mobile/Desktop/Video (Pre-Roll, IBV, Mobile)/Native


Our unique targeting capabilities will help you to reach your ideal customer locally or world-wide.


With worldwide reach, ADTREX can help increase your brands awareness and recognition.


Increase revenue for your app by joining ADTREX


By implementing our ad tags into your mobile or desktop site, you can start monetizing your content almost istantly.

Publishers Benefits

Publishers earn more with ADTREX because they directly access and optimize across more demand channels to identify the advertisers that value inventory the highest. ADTREX platform continually optimizes campaigns across more targeting criteria and more supply and demand so that advertisers and publishers attain unprecedented results.

We are ensuring that only safe, high quality ads reach your property and block:

  • Autoredirects
  • Autodownloads/File downloads
  • Malware
  • Fraud

  • Adult/offensive/explicit content
  • Deceptive ads
  • Prohibited IAB categories
  • Phishing

We maintain partnership with 3rd party ad vertification provider, and continiously enhancing demand partner quality with in-house tools.
An individual approach to publisher requirements and dedicated QA team

Advertisers Benefits

We combine human expertise, sophisticated automated systems, and 3rd party technologies to create a safe and secure platform for advertisers.

  • A team of experts dedicated to your specific business.
  • Capitalize on your marketing budget. Stretch your advertising dollars and increase traffic and sales.
  • Transparent inventory and significantly greater ROI

  • Access to targeted data helps you to reach your perfect customer
  • Maximum reach and scale
  • Granular targeting and reporting

Dedicated Traffic Quality team responsible for assuring your brand safety and the overall quality of publishers.
Support, Guidance and Consulting Available. Adtrex is a safe and secure platform, protecting advertisers from all major risk.

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